Research Project  
  2017-2020 Analyzing the electronic picture book reading and creation process with the participatory content creation, participatory interaction design, and social comparison approaches: An eye-tracking based investigation. (MOST 106-2511-S-011-003-MY3)  
  2016-2017 Digital editorship to introduce new media into classroom: Technology to support selective, constructive to interactive learning - Exploring the transmedia electronic picture book reading and user participation from the social comparison perspective: An Eyetracking-based Investigation (MOST 105-2511-S-011-002)  
  2013-2016 Factors Influencing Story Comprehension, Reading Engagement and Story Revision with Electronic Picture Books: An Eyetracking-based Investigation (NSC 102-2511-S-011 -005 -MY3)  
  2011-2013 A multi-source book review system for conceptual awareness and storytelling in cloud reading community (NSC 100-2628-S-011 -002-MY2)  
  2009-2011 Community Assisted Thinking Website- Establishment and Evaluation of Creative Thinking Environment (NSC 98 - 2511 - S - 155 - 004 - MY2)  
  2008-2009 Impacts of gatekeepers’  thinking styles on creative thinking— Case study of game design (NSC 97 - 2511 - S - 155 - 001)